Company History and Background

About Umbono

Umbono (‘oom-boh-nor’) is the isZulu word for Vision, an Idea or Imagination, and the isiXhosa word for “Something perceived in the mind” or “Seen in a Dream”.

Under the auspices of some of the most innovative and ambitious minds in the South African ICT sector, Umbono Cloud Services emerged in December 2021 as a Startup focused on Cloud Enablement Services, leveraging the most exciting and progressive services and solutions already offered in the local Public- and Private-Cloud marketplace. 

In order to fulfil it’s mandate as a key player in the provisioning, management, maintenance and support of bespoke Cloud Services, Umbono aims to close the ever-increasing gap between unique customer requirements and complete Cloud-ready Applications and Solutions.

Drawing from skilled and experienced resources in its Partner companies, vendors and benefactors, Umbono Cloud Services will clearly  and concisely document your specific requirements, architect and implement a custom-fit solution, and be there with you to either manage with, or transfer to, your own technical or operational teams.


Want to be Cloud-ready? Consider it done!

Too many companies find the move to the Cloud daunting and unattainable. Yet not very many have leveraged off those in the know that have a proven track-record, justifiable references, and years of experience to pull it off. The Umbono Cloud Services team can help.

Innovative Turnkey Cloud Solutions

High Performance Hosting in the Cloud

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and CCaaS Computing at local & international Public Tier-1 Hosting Providers, or alternatively in the dedicated UmbonoCloud™ South African Data Centre at Teraco Data Centres and Amazon Web Services

Cognitive Analytics in the Cloud

Take advantage of the massive advances in High Performance Computing by combining advanced AI and Machine Learning techniques with traditional data analytics & BI approaches

Customer Experience in the Cloud

Industry-leading Customer Engagement (CE) and Customer Experience (CX) solutions in secure, reliable and flexible Cloud Hosting environments, together with Enterprise Voice connectivity

Resource Optimisation in the Cloud

Solutions designed to enhance the efficiency & effectiveness of employees, and& processes are automated, reducing operational costs and manage employee performance

Intelligent Automation in the Cloud

Award-winning Conversational AI, Machine-Learning, Automation and Authentication Solutions using class-leading technologies such as IBM Watson, VBG, Google Duplex and Amazon Lex

Application Integration in the Cloud

One of our core Specialities, integrate multiple, disparate platforms and data sources to produce a single, frictionless & cohesive ecosystem, using best-of-breed solutions and services

''Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat'' - Steve Jobs

Building and maintaining Cloud Solutions is more of a talent, an art form, than it is providing a utilitarian service and leaving in to its own devices.

At Umbono Cloud Services, we consider every solution we build to be an opportunity to make our Customers appear as Heroes in the eyes of their Customers.

Our Services

Customer-centric Implementation and Professional Services to drive Operational Success

Application Development

Software, API and Application Development using best-of-breed technologies

Systems Integration

Integration of multiple, disparate sources into a single, cohesive ecosystem

Bot Development

TextBot, ChatBot & VoiceBot Development using AI/ML Technologies 

Business Consulting

Mapping Business Goals and Requirement to Technical Solutions